Food Fete (1)

Tuesday evening on February the 19th, I went to see what was up and coming in the food industry.

As summer is coming up it was not surprising that Edy’s and Breyer’s were represented. Edy’s with new flavors and Breyers with their brand new ice-cream toppings.

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It was a small and intimate place which made it fun and it gave us time to talk with the people represented at this exhibition. Out of the 16-17 brands there, I was most excited about Onion Crunch. I must admit I am biased on the subject as it is a Danish food that is finally being introduced for the American market. A former embassy kid who grew up in Denmark started his Onion Crunch company and supplied all the hotdogs stands with these incredible fried onions that my boyfriend insists on me bringing back from Denmark every time I go home. Now I can buy them here and I do not have to log home pounds and pounds of Crunchy Onions.

Food Fete (2)

Most exhibitors were there to introduce new flavors to their already well established brands. Kettle Brand is now introducing “Marble Bacon” and “Sweet and Salty” flavors including there now GMO free products. Keurig also were introducing new coffee flavors such as their new variety of iced coffees. Seagram’s Escapes introduced flavors and their new frozen drinks options.

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If you are one of those who either have a thing for healthy foods or just enjoy tasty things that happen to be healthy please go discover Manitoba Harvest and their hemp foods. The hemp seeds were very delicious and would be great supplements for breakfasts or salads and they will add a nutty flavor to your food and provide a lot of fiber and protein. Northwest Cherries were there to represent cherries because of a new study on dark colored fruits and vegetables had good health effects. Manitoba Harvest and their hemp food surprised me.

Food Fete (10)

Meat was also introduced. Niman Ranch is one of those rare brands in the states that offer pork which guarantees no antibiotics, no added hormones nor animal by-products that would have been given to the animals of their farms. It is rare to come by farm that actually think about their animals welfare such as outside space and the effects foods have on humans such as resistance against antibiotics through animal meat.

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Another good cause was introduced at the event. Pujol’s Kitchen is a kitchen cookware line where all of the net-profits would all go to especially Dominican women to help them establish new businesses. A great product that is for a good cause.

It was a great evening where most foods introduced were better than what was catered during the evening. Heavy Seas were there to represent the beers and one of my favorites of theirs Loose Cannon was poured. I had a great time along with many other food bloggers and writers.

– Line B.