The Randall’s Island Park Alliance hosted its Fielding Dreams NYC Gala on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, at the American Museum of Natural History to honor two influential community leaders and celebrate the continued success of Randall’s Island Park, a world-­class destination for sports, recreation and environmental exploration dedicated to championing healthy lifestyles for New York City Children. The event raised a record-­breaking $1 million for RIPA.

Ramon Gonzalez, Victor Cruz, Awardees

This year, the Alliance honored Stacy Bash-Polley, Partner at Goldman Sachs, and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz for their commitment to Randall’s Island Park and bettering children’s lives in New York City.

In addition to serving as a driving force in the financial industry, Stacy Bash-­‐Polley has balanced her professional life with her philanthropic pursuits. A highly respected member of the business community, Bash-­Polley has been instrumental in efforts to advance the wellbeing of children and career paths for young women. Harvey Schwartz, CFO of Goldman Sachs, a longtime colleague and mentor of Bash-­Polley, presented her with the award.

According to Bash-­Polley, “Randall’s Island Park Alliance brings thousands of youngsters to the Island each year for sports and environmental programs, and hundreds of thousands more depend upon its new green fields; my own two children love playing at the Park. It is such a vibrant, exciting public space, in the heart of New York City, and I am committed to sustaining the Park on behalf of all New Yorkers.”

Betsy Cohen, Andrew Cohen, Elaina Watley, Karen Cohen, Victor Cruz, Lauren Starr, Christopher Star

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has focused his philanthropic efforts on advancing the health and wellbeing of children, particularly on reducing rates of childhood obesity by inspiring and educating young people to improve their nutrition and physical activity with supportive programs both inside and outside of school. Former Giants linebacker and NFL Hall of Fame Recipient Harry Carson presented Cruz with his award.

Victor Cruz, Harry Carson

“Nobody knows better than I the enormous benefit of athletic activity for young people. Playing sports as a kid gave me the space and support I needed to dream big dreams,” Cruz said. “I want to commend the remarkable efforts of the Randall’s Island Park Alliance in striving to bring this benefit to all the children of New York City – and I expect to see future Giants from among the kids who play there today.”

– Jeffery Owens

Photos by BFA via Sharp Communications