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The Second Annual Health & Wellness Food Fête event, held at the Helen Mills Event Space in Chelsea, featured companies that were geared towards healthy living and eating. The buzz word of the night was GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Companies were acknowledging it and trying to ensure that consumers know what they’re getting in their products.

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As someone who knows people with very serious nut allergies, the Enjoy Life company, showcasing products like trail mixes, granola bars and chocolate without the 8 allergens that are most popular, like dairy, nuts and soy, was an eye opener.

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Applegate offered the best food of the night, passing around bacon-wrapped scallops and B.A.T. (bacon, avocado and turkey) sandwiches, which were not only tasty, but healthy and easy to prepare with a minimal amount of time.

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Other stand out companies included Divina, with a very innovative quinoa salad, which is extremely popular in recent healthy recipes.The National Pasta Association’s initiative, Pasta Fits, was also on hand to educate consumers that pasta does not have to be unhealthy if eaten in moderation and is cheaper than most food options. The company showcased a peanut pasta salad on site.

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Some of the other trending companies focused on tea. Traditional Medicinals and the Republic of Tea had tastings of their latest flavors and educated attendees on the health benefits of their newest additions. Green Mountain Coffee showcased their newest K-cups that included antioxidants, not just for tea, but for coffee too.  The Wellness Collection Focus Blend Medium Roast coffee includes 50mg of l-theanine, which is great for that midday work pick-me -up.

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So Delicious was on hand to show their newest cookie dough flavor, which is the only one in the world that is dairy and gluten free, and tastes pretty good despite that.

Most importantly, Smirnoff was on hand to introduce Smirnoff Sorbet, their newest sorbet trio of flavors in Light Raspberry Pomegranate, Light Mango Passion Fruit and Light Lemon. The Smirnoff Sorbet Coco Crush was so good I made sure I had one in my hand at all times during the event, which at only 103 calories wasn’t so bad!

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Overall, the event was very successful in introducing new healthy products, educating the attending media on wellness issues that are facing those companies today and what they’re doing to take those healthy steps forward.

– Stephanie