Kate Nash (1)

It was girl’s night at Norwood Arts Club last Friday night. But not in the way you think. Kate Nash ended her east coast tour in support of her third album “GIRL TALK” with a preview of the documentary GIRL RISING in support of the Because I’m a Girl initiative.

Norwood Arts Club is a swanky and quirky alternative to the more traditional so-called arts clubs in the city; and this event proved the perfect locale to preview the Nash doc as its hip yet unorthodox style cultivates membership of individuals like Nash and her audience.

Nash was dressed in a nouveau Goth style, a new post Mod-renaissance look hitting stateside thanks to British imports like Nash.

Kate Nash (1)

The film contains four chapters, each spotlighting Kate’s experience supporting the initiative in different locations worldwide. At first, one is greeted by images of young girls of color in the“third world”, we usually see while someone like Oprah narrates and asks the viewer for a donation – but beyond an infomercial, this film’s preview honed in on the smiling girls, their laughter, and the joy and pride that evolves from their programming.

Nash was on hand for a brief Q&A afterward and spoke about her activism in London, and how her experience as an activist and Londoner during the riots led her to take a stand.

“What I loved was seeing how much people cared about their community. During the riots, I really learned how much I loved London when more people came out on the streets to clean up the riots than those who were out the night before tearing up the place. And that’s what this work is about, for me, rebuilding community, a women’s community.”

Nash encouraged the audience to get involved despite whatever progress women have made globally during their lifetime. “I went on this TV show in the UK, like Newsweek, and I chose to talk about sexism and feminism. Afterward the host was like ‘well, you’ve sure come a long way’ and

[in my head] I was like, ‘well just slap me on the ass and I’ll skip out the door’. Ok yeah, we have [come a long way] but there’s some real hard shit that happens all the time and just because I’m not being exposed to that doesn’t mean that it’s not still happening.”

Kate Nash (2)

Nash explained that though the initiative’s mission is to empower young girls, it’s more than just about the ladies:

“Boys need role models too, someone they can look up to and [teach them] how to treat women, so [for us] awareness isn’t just about [informing] women. Even me, I was brought up and really affected by the way my parents raised me. We have to educate the community.”

The evening concluded with a reception at the third level bar with attendees, their guests, and club members.

– Darrel