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After getting harassed on April Fool’s Day, we spend the next day with Dove and Samantha Bee ofThe Daily Show to celebrate April Truth Day on April 2nd as part of their Dove Truth Files Campaign.

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The purpose of the campaign is to reveal to customers the truth about their regular bar soap and/or body wash is doing to their skin, where as Dove is different – and better!

Dove proved that to us at the Truth Day Event for media and consumers where we saw scientific demonstrations on how different soaps interact with skin, as well as other people’s showering habits. The truth is, indeed, shocking!

Not shocking is that Dove proved to be superior to other brands, cleaning your skin without stripping away moisture.

The gracious host and spokesperson of the evening was Samantha Bee, an avid Dove user and best known for her comedic role as a sleuth on The Daily Show, who came to tell us all about the campaign, as well as confess to us a few hilarious truths of her own.

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While we enjoyed Samantha Bee’s humor, we enjoyed boozing on some “Truth Serum” and “Care-Tini” cocktails and checking out some Dove products.

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