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If anyone is as addicted to Word With Friends (or Scramble With Friends) as I am, imagine the sheer joy I experienced as I walked into the Zynga New York office in Soho for their Zynga Game Night.

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With help with entertaining expert Mrs. Lilien, Zynga showcased some of their most popular games for us, and gave us the inside scoop on what we can expect soon.

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Kelley Lilien, famously Mrs. Lilien, is well known in the event planning industry for her eye for style in the event space. From large-scale events to hosting a small group of friends in your own home, Mrs. Lilien gives fantastic advice on all aspects of entertainment.

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At Zynga, she showed us how to set up a cheerful game night party with friends, featuring all the fantastic Zynga games and setting the stage with fun, colorful decor. She introduced to us Krazy Straws, where you can relive your childhood with these festive straws, and even make your own customizable words and phrases!

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Zynga had mini stations set up for each game with gaming experts on hand to tell us all about the games we know and love, along with some new games we can look forward to. The Words With Friends station had a set-up of the real life game with a physical board and tiles. The Zynga Poker station was set up for real gambling with a $1,000 table minimum. Just kidding – guests could instead check out the game on tablets.

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Addicts of Draw Something have something to look forward to soon: Draw Something 2! The developers noticed that people used the app for freestyle drawings, so they’ve enhance their tools and added tons of new features for people to draw creatively. They’ve also included a sharing option, formatted similarly to Instagram, where you can share your drawings and other users can ‘like’ and comment. Get your drawing pads ready!

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In development is a new game, Battlestone. The hero of this sci-fi-ish game is a warrior who battles enemies with a swipe of a sword, collects stones as currency, and acquires other warriors to train and battle. For more details on the game, check out this post on the Zynga blog.

Popular Zynga game FarmVille has also taken physical form, so you can play with all your friends at home.

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We’re looking forward to checking out all of Zynga’s time wasting, addictive games!