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I attended a revamp of the newly redecorated Atlantic Cellars. The former Atlantic cellars were a bullet proofed liquor store, but now it is a beautiful, charming and soulful. With the fun vinyl records with people like Gladys Night and many others it gives the store a feel of soulfulness and fun look. The vinyl also gives an example of the kind of music you will here when entering the store.

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They were introducing their low price idea where every wine only costs $12 in the hopes that people would be willing to try something new. Better yet, they are promoting local distilleries such as Industry City Distillery, who, by the way,  has the best vodka I have ever tasted and The Noble Experiment NYC who distills whiskey.

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The evening was fun and filled with amazing drinks from Ambrosia Beverage Catering. Ambrosia Beverage Catering was started by two awesome and outgoing girls who know what they are doing and they are proud of the fact that they soon can celebrate their one-year anniversary and hopefully with a store on the Upper West Side.

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The food provided was not enough to soak up all of the delicious liquor that was handed to us, so we did end up getting a little tipsy by the end of the evening.

– Line B.

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