cinco for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

This year, celebrate Cinco de Mayo stress-free with  The NYC alcohol delivery service is offering a premium holiday package to help you and your friends host a boozy but responsible fiesta!

For $99.00, you can order two cases of any Mexican beer (24 bottles each), a bag of Tostitos Cantina chips, a jar of salsa, a jar of guacamole, a sombrero and a set of maracas. Check out the package here!

Additionally, the first 40 people to order this special Cindo de Mayo package will receive a full size cut-out of the World’s Most Interesting Man to bring the party full circle. So, get your cameras ready!

While you can order booze and beer all-year round, this special Cinco de Mayo package is available for a limited time only for purchase here.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive bottle of wine to serve at a dinner party, a case of beer or a keg to share with the guys while watching the game, or a top of the line bottle of liquor to send as a gift, offers a selection for every occasion and price point. It’s one less thing to worry about and check off on your list when you are hosting any type of event.

Delivery is fast (30 to 60 minutes) and free (no markups or ordering fees, so outside of your generosity to couriers, there are no shipping costs). serves Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens.