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This past Earth Day, we headed to Washington, DC at the Half Street Fairgrounds to check out the Broccoli City Festival who this year collaborated with Sweat Everyday using this day to celebrate active, green, and healthy lifestyles. The Festival included live performances from several popular local bands, with headliner Big Krit closing out the day.

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The festival also marked the launch of their active community business for women to learn more about how to live healthier lifestyles. Sweat Everyday, LLC is an active lifestyle community dedicated to making the world a more active place!  During the festival they provided fitness classes such as yoga, cardio Dance, Zumba, and Karv Maga classes to help kick start attendees towards a healthy lifestyle.

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They provide members tools and information to live more balanced and active lifestyles, at every age and stage. The core of Sweat Everyday is our “Yelp”-like database: a dynamic list of various fitness classes, programs, studios and outdoor activities throughout the country. Each activity is rated by members who share their stories via short videos.

We sat down with the founders of Sweat Everyday; Sacha Simmons and April Jackson to learn more about their inspiration to start Sweat Everyday, and how they are looking to help us ladies get and stay fit.

Sasha & April

Why did you decide to join the Broccoli City Festival?

Sasha & April: Because Earth day is a celebration of being alive, wanted to get people to be active. Showing people how important it is to encourage sustainable living, fitness, a balanced lifestyle.

What motivated you to start your company, what was that first idea you?

Sasha: Started from a fitness model shoot last year for Grindstone Universal. Started making clothing, posted it on FB and April saw a way for them to work together and develop a consulting business dedicated to fitness, things took off from there.

What is your specialty and services?

Sweat Everyday is focused on helping women who feel they don’t have the time to sustain a healthy lifestyle, their goals, keeping a certain weight, etc. Offer online consulting on how to have a healthy lifestyle, the website offers a database where people can network and find resources throughout the country that can help them meet those goals. Helping clients set a custom plan for a day to day lifestyle change. Evaluating a client’s everyday schedule, looking at the activity level along with each client’s individual needs.

What advice would you give for someone just starting their transition to a healthy lifestyle for the first time?

Sasha & April: It’s a lifestyle change, so it shouldn’t be something extreme, it must feel like you! Moderation is key to having a lifestyle for your whole life. Avoid crash diets.

For myself and many other women always on the go, breakfast sometimes is the meal that gets skipped the most, what advice can you give about breakfast?

April: Breakfast kicks off your day, because you are fasting while you sleep. You must break your fast in a healthy way. Everyday you should drink a glass of lemon water to help detox your body. You want to increase your fat intake since that is your energy for day.  For example, have a green smoothie, or a few fruits to start your day. Snacking is important throughout the day; keep a portion of nuts or other healthy snacks with you throughout the day.

Some of us spend on gym memberships and never go, or can never seem to fit it into our daily schedules. What is the best time of day to work out?

April: Generally you burn more calories in the morning, but in the evenings is okay too. It all depends on the goals you set for yourself. It all about calories in versus calories out, if you want to strength/flexibility you can do that any time of day, however keep in mind, if you do so in the evenings you will stay up longer at night since it will give you more energy. The point is that you workout daily no matter what.

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Where can our readers learn more about Sweat Everyday?

Sasha: We want to connect with as many people as possible. Our website,




Ladies, so you heard it here! Always eat a healthy breakfast, snack throughout the day and workout Everyday!

Check out photos from the Sweat Everyday booth during the Broccoli City Festival and some of the performance throughout the day!

– Coretta Ryan