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The annual Editor’s Showcase: Lifestyle and Beauty took place in April at the Marriott Marquis in Time Square.

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Editor’s walked into a mini tradeshow of free samples heaven from lifestyle and beauty spaces. More than 30 brands were showcasing emerging products such as Skinees SkincarewearHerbacinImage SkincareDowny InfusionsZzzQuilHot Iron Holster and Tide To Go Stain Erase.

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I finally took time to sample all the goodies I received and proud to report on my top three indulgences.

The Skinees Skincarewear was by far one of my favorite treasures from the showcase. Imagine an easy sea-wrap treatment that’s ‘on the go’ and easy to use right from home, work, gym, anywhere. I received the spandex shorts and the multivitamin mist and saw results within the first week of using it. I’m not even kidding. This is no infomercial special, nor am I getting paid to tell you this. I was blown away to see my skin smoother and feeling softer.

I’m a workaholic, so discovering the ZzzQuil was a dream come true… literally. I can finally wake up and remember my dreams. I have a bad habit of drinking coffee in the late afternoon, which keeps me wired until late night, not allowing me to fall asleep. Thanks to this weapon, I put myself to a calm state in bed, right before falling into a deep slumber, and still wake up naturally at 7 a.m. without any drowsiness. It’s great!

If you know me, you know that I tend to be jumpy all day off of caffeine and adrenaline to get work done. Discovering Neuro – a delicious enhanced beverage – is now my go to regime over Red Bull. This stuff is seriously delicious, light, refreshing and makes me feel productive! Their tagline says so as well, “Drink with a purpose”. Ain’t nobody got time for drinking high caffeine beverages throughout the work day and suffering from a major sugar/caffeine crash at the end of the day. Happy to report that now you can drink your delish vitamins in one bottle and add a healthy, purposeful kick to you day!

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That wraps up the sample festival of the best stuff the lifestyle and beauty arena have to offer.

– Anaisabel