The BlackBerry Scene

Last night, MANHATTAN magazine celebrated the new Blackberry Z10 with hosts Alan Eckstein, Allison Julius, Barry Parasram, Britt McVicker, Camille Hunt, Devon Mosley, Louis Marra, Micah Jesse and Timo Weiland at STK Rooftop.

Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland  Camille Hunt and Devon Mosley - photo by Andrew Werner,

Micah Jesse - photo by Andrew Werner  Ceasar Pacheco and Tyson Murphy

Take a peek at all the fabulous folks who attend – we wish we had been there, too!

Tiffany D'Aurizio, Natalie Gryzwa, So Yung-Park and Britt McVicker - photo by Andrew Werner

Allison Julius and Louis Marra photo by Andrew Werner Barry Parasram and guests