New York City and San Francisco are often thought of as sister cities. And, as with all great siblings, such sorority evokes tremendous affection and unabashed rivalry. Of the many controversies on the topic (mixology, music, fashion, google…) one thing that can not be rivaled is San Francisco’s natural splendor. While New York is engulfed in dense urban jungles, San Francisco—even from the heart of its downtown—yeilds a horizon of lush, rolling hills, redwood forests, and the Pacific ocean seeming almost within an arm’s reach.

Luckily for locals and visitors alike, this untamed natural landscape worn like a boa around the metropolis actually is within arms reach. Countless parks of all sizes are contained within the infamous San Francisco “7×7.” Of the vast array of greenery, it is The Presidio that seems to rise above the rest–a place where one can get lost in nature so deeply, it becomes a marvel that you are still within the city limits.


How could it be possible to fully embrace this enigmatic natural world, while simultaneously indulging in the luxurious sophistication that a global metropolis offers?

We are so glad you asked.

Let us introduce you to The Inn at the Presidio, a place that truly lets you have it all, and San Francisco, too.

Inn at the Presidio (21)

First, it has history. The picturesque Georgian revival style building dates back to 1903, when it was built as an elegant officers’ quarters. In 2011, with the support of The Presidio Trust, the building was rehabilitated, transforming it into a uniquely elegant hotel.  The Inn at the Presido has magnificently preserved the historic integrity of the structure, while updating it with a modern eye for cutting edge style and top notch amenities. The nearby historic buildings have also been revitalized, creating a magical setting and perspective that no other hotel in San Francisco can match.

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Secondly it has nature. Nestled quite literally into the fringes of a redwood and eucalyptus forest, the Inn not only embraces the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it, but also fervently protects it. Staunchly committed to green practices across all of its endeavors, The Inn at the Presidio adheres to environmentally friendly practices and is committed to sourcing everything locally — from its complimentary bicycles, to its indulgent breakfast spread. Guests, therefore, can take in the fragrant air and lush landscape (hiking into the park, zipping along the curving streets by bike, or lounging in a rocking chair by the Inn’s outdoor fireplace) with the comforting knowledge that such enjoyments do not harm the earth that provides them.


Finally, it has luxury. Even without beds that envelop you in delirious comfort, picturesque views, and well appointed bathrooms, the Inn’s two room suites would be absolutely delightful. Air-filled and spacious, the rooms also feature quirky, historically-inclined details that add a unique character and vintage flair.

Beyond the rooms, each nook and cranny of the historic building has been outfitted to welcome guests, and encourage them to unwind and enjoy the Inn’s incredibly warm welcome. An inviting outdoor fireplace greets you in the evening, when you arrive to your home away from home.

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A long day of exploring leaves your appetite whetted for the vast array of local cheeses and california wines, roasted nuts, and even freshly baked cookies, that make up the evening “happy hour.” Here, around the fire, guest gather with their wine, savouring not only the delectable treats and each other’s company, but also the unique calm that such closeness to nature provides.

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– Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative