TL: Were you apart of the Mike and Ike trailer, and is there a movie coming out?

Nelly: I was informed of the idea from Donald {Houston, Mike and Ike’s Senior Marketing Manager} and we wanted to show them what they meant to myself and the rest of the people who love Mike and Ike. We wanted to show them what drama queens they were being, and what better way to show drama than through theatrics? The talk is getting very serious about a movie.


TL: Great! You opened a school in your hometown. Tell us about that.

Nelly: I partnered with a beautiful person named Pam Bell to take the trade school format and make it affordable to people that may not being able to go to certain colleges. We made it possible for them to become producers, engineers, take dance lessons, and various other forms of entertainment. We’re recognized by the state of Missouri, so you’ll get an Associate’s degree signed by Nelly — I’m a Dean as well.

TL: Congratulations – that’s fantastic! For your new album entitled ‘M.O.’, you’ve collaborated with people like Nelly Furtado, Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Pharrell, and Trey Songz…some of these are folks you’ve worked with before. What was different this time around?