DJ Daryl spins music while guests enjoy themselves at Big Apple Bash

On Thursday, August 8th, my husband and I went to The Museum of The City of New York to partake in their sixth annual Big Apple Bash. This party is tailored towards the museum’s younger members, ranging from ages 21 to 39.

The event was established to raise funds for the Museum and to engage the younger audience of the museum. As the museums membership is a lot less than the rest of the well-established museums around the city it is an affordable membership for most young people around the city and the museum knows it and therefore wants to make something extra special for their younger museum goers.

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Unfortunately the rain was relentless this cold summer Thursday so we were not able to party on the roof of the museum as originally planned but for some reason I do not think we missed out. The party indoors was fun and engaging as we could party and get knowledge by looking at the different exhibits during the evening. Even if you attended the party alone you would not have an excuse to be bored.

The Food was sponsored by Sullivan St Bakery, Butterfield Catering, Insomnia Cookies and the delicious taco company, Dos Toros Taqueria.

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Cocktails were sponsored by LeSutra, who won awards at the World Festival for drinks. The music was delivered by DJ Daryl and the extra fun was delivered by Sweet Booth and their photo booth extravaganza.

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For a fairly small entrance fee of only $40 for Young Members of the Museum and $65 for non-members, you would get 4 hours off free, delicious cocktails, wine and beer and free food throughout the evening. Not a bad price for an evening out in New York.

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Ever since I came to the Museum of The City of New York, I have found it beautiful, innovative and interesting. I do not believe that I have ever had a bad experience in this small but important museum. The exhibitions they have on display these days are far more interesting that I had imagined. The piece on the Green Wood Cemetery has great historical references that you cannot help but be even more interested in the amazing history of New York. Their exhibit on the Activism in New York from the beginning till now is nothing less than impressive and you cannot stop reading when you first start. The information is very captive. Last but not lease their exhibit about the architecture of New York’s apartments “Making Room” has an entire apartment inside the museum. Yes, a fully equipped apartment inside on of their spaces within the Museum!

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If parties are not your thing, the museum is still worth your while if you have the slightest interest in the marvelous city we call New York.

– Line

Photos by Julie Saad and by Socially Superlative