The eternal search for a healthy snack can seem daunting—a plague to those of us who love snacking but hate the guilt that so often comes with the snacks that are easiest at hand. My fellow snackers, breathe a sweet sigh of relief: Go Raw has you covered.

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that you have to adhere your entire diet to the rigorous principles of a raw vegan diet. As much as we honestly do believe in the holistic effectiveness of the raw lifestyle, most of us still shy away from total conversion. It’s just too difficult! Lucky for us, we can easily integrate the healthy practices into our snacking with the delicious offerings of Go Raw.


First, and perhaps most importantly, let’s talk taste. Go Raw snacks offer an impressive variety—from salty crispy treats to more decadent, desert-like snacks that will satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.  We were especially big fans of the real live apricot bar, which packed a lot of chewy, tart-sweet apricotty punch with all the nuttiness of omega-rich flax seeds into a fruit leather meets energy bar package. Best of all, it’s only a mere 50 calories per bar.


Very close runners up were the incredibly versatile sprouted sunflower seeds.  East to dismiss as boring at first, once that bag was open, we couldn’t keep our hand out of it. From straight up out of the bag, to sprinkled on salads and soups, to mixed into cottage cheese—these seeds add a uniquely nutty-salty crunch are addictively good.

Second, and really just as important as the first, is the wholesome nutritional value of these snacks. Utilizing sprouted seeds in nearly every product, Go Raw harnesses the potent, nutrient dense energy of these incredible super food powerhouses. That means not only are these snacks delicious, they are satisfying on every possible level.

Happy snacking!

– Ava

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