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As summer winds its way into the long, warm autumns that New Yorkers wax poetic about all year long, it’s hard not to feel a bit weighed down by the debauchery of the hottest months.

Though we could easily be talking about the crazy late nights and copious cocktails, we are talking about a more devastating type of debaucherous behavior: long hours in the sun. Whether on the beach, lounging by a pool, or dancing on a rooftop, most of us must admit to having indulged in quite a bit. Who can blame us? We have to endure the bone chilling cold of the New York winters, and thus, must hungrily get as many hot, sunny interludes as possible.

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But at what cost?

Surely the most responsible of us have religiously put sunblock on all summer long.  Yet, do we know what’s in all that goop that we’re slathering on our bodies before braving the UV rays?  It’s sadly ironic that despite all our best and most health conscious intentions—paraben-free shampoo, holistic facial moisturizer, etc.—that our sunblocks are laced with all sorts of heinous chemicals and additives that sink right into our skin. So, while blocking the damaging UV rays of the sun, we are actually absorbing all sorts of other damaging materials.

Before you have a melt down (in every sense of the word), let us introduce you to Raw Elements, the saving grace of sunscreen if ever there was one.

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Not only is the naturally derived, zinc-based, sunscreen actually good for your skin (legendary big wave surfer, Garrett McNamara purportedly even puts Raw Elements sunscreen on at night because it nourishes his skin so much after a day of surfing), but it is also the most effective sunscreen you can buy. Above all others on the market, Raw Elements Sunscreen provides the highest levels of Balanced Broad Spectrum Protection from both UVA & UVB rays, blocking over 95% of the entire UV range. Plus, it doesn’t degrade in protection, even after prolonged exposure, and is extremely water and sweat resistant. Also, because it is all natural and chemical free, it never stings if it gets in your eyes (something that happens to us pretty much every time we put on sunscreen and get in the pool).

What really sets Raw Elements apart, and truly makes us want do summersaults, is how well it takes care of our skin as a protective measure and a healing measure. The completely organic ingredients are specifically selected to provide hydration, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So, while the sunscreen not only protects your skin from the damage of the sun, it also helps reverse the damaged, long after environmental exposure.

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We also love that the very cool company was started by a couple of summer-seeking friends, who found themselves living on beaches across the country—from Hawaii to Miami to California. (If they aren’t experts on sun protection, we don’t know who is.) Raw Elements was started in their kitchen, as they experimented with ways of creating a totally natural barrier from the sun. The results? Well, you know how we feel about the results. Meanwhile, these guys are constantly coming up with new products, fine-tuning for their customers’ specific needs. And lucky for those customers (and all the new ones), Raw Elements can be found at select stores nation-wide.  Check the Raw Elements website for store locations, or to purchase online.

Here’s to a long, indulgently sunny Indian summer!

– Ava

Photos courtesy of Raw Elements’  facebook page

Find our more about Raw Elements at: http://www.rawelementsusa.com/