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The Huntington Hotel is a beacon of classic history presiding over the heart of Nob Hill in San Francisco.  Stately presenting the knowing guest with breathtaking panoramic views over downtown, the bay and across the many colorful neighborhoods that reside in San Francisco, the Huntington presents a requisite destination for any visitor who wishes to understand historic luxury and refinement.

Each room of the Huntington Hotel has been updated with modern touches yet has maintained the art deco style with splendor.  Additionally, each room has grand views from any direction (a benefit of a perch on the tallest hill in SF).  The enormous rooms provide a welcome relief to the cramped spaces that New Yorkers must contend with.

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Complementing the graceful beauty of the rooms, the historic award winning hotel has a spa, The Nob Hill Spa, which is considered one of the best in the country both by Conde Nast and by your very own editors at Socially Superlative.  The spa dips into San Francisco’s holistic healing arts community in order to offer services including massage treatments of various therapeutic techniques, body scrubs, facials and nail care.

The therapists take time to understand your treatment goals and provide a range of ayurvedic complements to accompany whatever treatment you select in order to leave you feeling fulfilled.  The available services do not end with the full range of treatments.  The Nob Hill Spa has a eucalyptus steam room to help rejuvenate the body.

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We recommend that you take your time when luxuriating in all that the spa offers.  Among the many waiting areas provided there is a large whirlpool adjacent to an infinity pool that looks across the San Francisco skyline.  The spa is elegantly decorated throughout and as a guest of the hotel you can simply don the provided robe in your room and slip down the elevator without ever having to debate actually getting dressed.

Should you decide to actually put on real clothes and venture beyond the doors of the stately Huntington Hotel, discoveries await you just past the gilded entryway. Landmarks from the days of industry tycoons reside as your neighbor and should you choose to walk off the hill, you will benefit that every direction is down, a small perk from staying at the top of the hill.  Of course why walk when you could catch one of the historic trollies that still roll through the hills of San Francisco leading you to the Marina, the Embarcadero or toward downtown.

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People often wonder when the best time of the year to go to San Francisco is.  The question is not simply answered.  The weather is mild year round and as you venture from one neighborhood to the next, you could encounter a different climate.  October is a little secret though, the warmest days of the year often happen when New York is bracing for the cold weather that of a winter that is just around the corner.  We have found that with one visit you will be already planning your next.

– Jeffery Owens

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative

Additional photos courtesy of The Huntington Hotel