Redbury by Socially Superlative (1)

First impressions are everything.

Walking into the Redbury, a boutique hotel in Hollywood, is like discovering a luxurious, secret garden of cool. Every detail seems to have been coaxed into gorgeous submission, creating the lingering impression of being in an opulent—but ultimately comfortable—music video dream sequence.

Redbury by Socially Superlative (12)

Velvety walls, Dalí-esque chandeliers casting the sexiest light imaginable, enormous photos of vintage Hollywood starlets staring with wistful cavernous eyes as you pass—all of these play off one another, setting the mood as you make your way to your personal residence. Another aspect of cool: the fact that each room (or flat, as they call them at the Redbury) is also, truly, a residence—the little escape apartment you will always covet, now that you know it exists.