When I first came into the space I immediately gravitated to the bright blue boxes stacked up with a display of products to showcase what was inside. What I was expecting was a giveaway for the event. What I discovered was a company that operates like Birchbox, but for free! PINCHme is a company that delivers samples once a week to consumers who answer questions about the product once they’ve tested them. Products will be sent out based on categories a person is interested in.This Australian company is still in its’ launching phase, but those that are interested can request an early invite on the website.


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While you may have smelled a lot of fragrances in your lifetime, you’ve never seen one that is 100% natural AND donates back to different charities. That’s where Pour le Monde comes in. The company, which began due to the lack of safe perfume options during founder Wendi S. Berger’s pregnancy, expanded to include the mission of benefitting charities at the same time. Some companies do offer a charitable donation to worthy causes, but usually for shorter durations, while Pour le Monde’s scents are each linked to their charity for the long haul.


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I was skeptical before trying Altar, marketed as an herbal martini,  but was made a believer after trying the most popular flavors, Bliss and Chi. The mocktails fill a void for beverages that can stand alone in a mixologist kind of way. Sugary concoctions like mojitos and cosmopolitans aren’t enjoyable without alcohol and simple juices like cranberry or sodas are just that; simple. These complex beverage flavors are the best all-natural option you can choose to drink with or without alcohol.

– Stephanie Carino