[tps_header]Sure, you’ve got a cool flatscreen at home and all, but no matter how good ( or enraging ) that Giants game looks in HD, it’s even better when you’re watching it at your favorite sports bar, cold brew and a few BBQ chicken wings in hand. Gothamist Brings us the 9 best Sports bars in NYC[/tps_header]


The 9 Best Sports Bars In NYCMULHOLLAND’S: Mulholland’s has been one of our favorite sporty bars for a while now, with its friendly staff, low-key clientele and super tasty hot wings. Owner Shawn Mulholland is a native New Yorker, and you won’t be hard-pressed to find a big crowd gathered for a Knicks game. But the bar boasts plenty of televisions—each one labeled with the game it’ll be playing so you can grab a good seat—and fans of teams from all over can be spotted knocking back a few Budweisers here. Do try the wings ($7 for a single order, $12 for a double), which come in flavors like Bloody Mary, BBQ and Scorching Death, and head out to their good-sized backyard if the weather’s decent. But don’t forget that Mulholland’s is an “IDIOT-FREE ZONE”, as a sign in the bar proclaims; we expect you to keep it that way.