Social Exposure Halloween

Social Exposure Halloween at the Raven

Halloween. It can be so…tacky. Cheesy. Lame. Over done. It’s the reason why Social Exposure has avoided it for the past few years. A highly competitive time of year with more parties thrown than for any other holiday. Parties produced by amateurs, for amateurs. Yuck. BUT…2013 brought an opportunity to Social Exposure that was too snag-able, too delicious. The perfect, dark, twisted, sadistic marriage between venue and creative producer that is sure to stand out amidst the Ricky’s –Halloween- costume- clad -Meat Packing District.

Social Exposure is UBER proud to partner with the brand spanking new RAVEN nightclub to present adventure thirsty New Yorkers with:


October 30th, 2013 at 9pm

The Raven

55 Gansevoort St.

Rsvp at your own risk. #DungeonsofAmsterdam


Wear whatever you want OR go with the theme of leather, whips, chains and masks.


A horrifyingly, (yet sexy) sadistic turn on the Amsterdam basement parties that were once full of pleasure- turned -murderous -affairs.

Sure, you can expect the usual “slutty cop” and “sexy nurse” outfit, but we refuse to produce an average party with average music and an average vibe. Not when you can expect human “sacrifices” involving guests at random and “blood lusted dungeon queens” and unbelievably flexible contortionists that should really see a chiropractor. Dungeons of Amsterdam will be an interactive, torturous fun house of sorts where guests can expect to be involved in the performances and even become other characters throughout the night.

“I’ve always dreamed of producing something more theatrical, dangerous and palpitating for Halloween”, exclaims Sally Golan of Social Exposure. “When I first stepped into The Raven, I literally shouted ‘Shut the F%^K up’! And had a creative aneurism. “ The goal behind Dungeons Of Amsterdam is to instill a sense of risk and make people feel totally transported to Amsterdam’s underbelly upon entering. Perhaps a SAFE word is necessary? Let’s make It “F**k you Sunrise”.

The Raven hasn’t even been open for a full month and its already gaining serious buzz. Not to mention a ridiculous list of celeb attendees such as Sting, Massive Attack, Sam and Charlotte Ronson, The winklewoss twins, ASAP mob, Kendrick Lamar, Maxwell, Paul haggis, Agnes Deyne and LL cool J just to name a few.

There is, quite literally, a hand stitched quilt stating “F**K You Sunrise” in the corner of the club amidst exposed brick walls, glass enclosed skulls and artistic imagery inspired by the famed Edgar Allen Poe POEM – THE RAVEN. A striking and refreshing difference from all the LED lit clubs saturating the Meat Packing District.

Dungeons of Amsterdam will feature leather, whips, chains, dangerous acts, tantalizing cocktails, a celebrity DJ and the best damn vibe the city has to offer.

You will beg for salvation, but there will be none.

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