The promotion of Milano Green was an inspirational one. Finally liquor knows their place in society. We can get drunk AND get environmentally friendly at the same time. Everything about the vodka is thought through with the basis that it has to be green from the bottle itself to the production of the vodka. The bottle is made out of recycled glass and the paint on the bottle is even toxins free. The distillery is functioning primarily of wind power and has therefore been able to cut their energy bill to less than half. If that is not dedication I do not know what is.

Social Exposure Masquerade (3)

Later during the evening Victor Medina-San Andrés had a raffle that turned into an auction of some of the pictures he had once taken of naked girls only wearing masks.

The event took place at the experimental lounge EVR at the heart of Midtown. It was an unusual place to have a masquerade ball but it worked at it gave a feel of mystery; like you know from the movies where people are in a secret club and are the only ones invited to the secret masked party. It gave a sense of luxury and exclusivity that makes your inhibitions fly away.

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It was a fun night that was all about feeling free and gives to charity.

– Line