As the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter, we begin to crave the kind of indulgent coziness that unwinds the tight coil that winter forces us into.

As New Yorkers, we both fear and tolerate the bitter months with a steel-jawed stoicism. The mirage-like vision of tropical island getaways and the luxurious pampering that goes with them, becomes a carrot we might finally catch on some distant weekend as, meanwhile, we endure the harsh reality of now.


But why wait for holidays and vacation time to rejuvenate and indulge? It’s time to take advantage of the fact that, as New Yorkers, we are also privileged to be able to have some of the world’s most extraordinarily transcendent spas right at our fingertips.


Thus, dear readers, we’ve made it our mission to seek them out for you, sifting through the masses and identifying the very best of the best. These are the types of unique spas where a few hours can leave you feeling like you’ve escaped the city for a few weeks, and even fortify your body and spirit against the icy urban jungle that lurks ahead.

Keep your eyes out for our in-depth articles covering of our favorites, but for those who need immediate gratification, here is a cheat sheet of the best New York Spas and their signature treatments to suit your every mood:

  •  A head to toe treatment with a facial and simultaneous signature pedicure by Aida Bicaj’s Institut de Beaute – that will leave you as pretty as a flower and as happy as a clam
  • An incredible hair treatment unlike any other by PhytoUniverse – which will get to the roots of your stressed out hair, giving it back its natural luster while enveloping you in a serenely delightful space
  • The Soul to Soul Massage” by The Spa at Trump Soho – one of the most romantically unique and blissfully indulgent escapes you can have with your sweetheart.


Until Soon!

– Ava Fedorov