Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (1)

Last week, Socially Superlative was invited to the Press Preview of Engadget Expand at the Jacob Javits Center. According to Marc Penton, the Executive Editor of Engadget, the show’s goal is to be the CES East Coast alternative to introduce consumers to technology products that are new or about to hit the market. Over the course of the weekend, the show was slated to host 10,000 gadget enthusiasts. This also marked Engadget’s largest event to date.

Media met Engadget’s Insert Coin Semi-Finalists, a competition that Engadget introduced to fund inventor’s ideas to help make them a reality. One of our favorites, GrowCubes, a fruit and vegetable growth incubator, was one of two winners from the competition. Verizon also shared their findings from a recent survey of 900 consumers for their views on technology and the most shocking statistic was 1 in 3 would give up their car for 6 months to be the first to own a PS4 or Xbox One!

 Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (5)  Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (6)

Three exhibitors that stood out on the trade show floor were Sony, whose display included a fountain that continually submerged their digital devices in water, Virtuix Omni, the first virtual reality interface, where you can move freely in your favorite game and Quirky, which recently partnered with GE. Quirky’s booth had four actors in a bed rambling off different quotes on weather or traffic or Facebook updates to demonstrate the capabilities of their Nimbus, a smart dashboard and clock.

 Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (2)  Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (3)

Never ones to turn down a party, we then meandered from the show floor to the Quirky offices, which is a massive and beautiful space. If anyone ever tells you a tech company doesn’t know how to throw a party, they’re lying. The fete came equipped with bespoke cocktails, black light paint applications, a paint splatter room, #quirkyoke, a bubble room, a “porkfolio” room, a fully stocked kitchen, including a Tacombi taco stand, telephone booths with dancers, and additional hired dancers on the dance floor.

Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (9)  Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (23)

This was all before Chris Webby and DJ Chachi showed up! With all the rooms with different activities, it was reminiscent of Charlie’s deranged chocolate factory or probably more appropriately Quirky’s quirky factory! Uber even offered up free rides home to new riders after the debauchery.

 Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (26)  Engadget Expand and Official Kickoff Party (21)

Overall we were enlightened with technology by day and then fulfilled our dance card by night. We look forward to seeing what Engadget rolls out next.

– Stephanie Carino