Bryant Park Ice Rink (7)

We got an invitation to “glide, float, and fly” last night at one of our favorite winter holiday institutions: the Winter Village and Ice Skating Rink at Bryant Park.

Bryant Park Winter Village

There was no invitation to “flail wildly” or “fall on your tuckus,” which those of us who aren’t so coordinated did plenty of as well–but luckily for everyone, last night the Parka Lounge was also well stocked with enough festive treats and spiked hot chocolate to ease even the most shaky new skaters into an icy cool groove.

Bryant Park Ice Rink (6)  Bryant Park Ice Rink (4)

This year’s sponsor, Bank of America, has certainly lived up to the dazzling expectations, creating perhaps the most splendidly festive Winter Village yet, the crowning achievement of which (besides perhaps the holiday tree, which makes its appearance after Thanksgiving) is undoubtedly the ice rink.

There is nothing more likely to put a goofy-happy grin on your face than skating along, gazing up at the glittering buildings and holiday lights, bonding with strangers of all ages who glide by wearing the same goofy grin.

Bryant Park Ice Rink (8)  Bryant Park Ice Rink (5)

Bryant Park Ice Rink (3)

We can’t recommend the experience enough, and truly encourage everyone to experience The Rink and the Winter Village at least once this season.

– Ava


The Rink at the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
Open November 1, 2013 – March 2, 2014
Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am – 12am