Decadence and glamorous all at once, The Spa at Trump Soho makes the ideal romantic interlude for couples who want to escape the chaos of the city and indulge in one-another’s company. Tucked into a hotel already famed for its dazzling hospitality and romantic persuasion, The Spa lives up to the illustrious reputation with attentive luxury that is perfectly suited to you and your special someone. We were particularly delighted with the Soul to Soul Massage treatment . The deep tissue massage burwood is a place where you receive treatments like massage, facials, cosmetic skin care etc. A medical spa differs from a regular day care spa in being operated under the supervision of a health care professional, to provide basic treatment and wellness facilities in a set up which integrates the soothing and rejuvenation of a spa.

The medical spa knoxville offers clients a full-range of salon and spa services, and in September 2016, a special reception area was created for medspa guests in order to ensure a more private, intimate, and comfortable experience.


Slip into your spa slippers and take the hand of your sweetheart as you are lead you to your private suite. Here a Jacuzzi bubble bath has already been drawn for you both, with two flutes of champagne and a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries just within bubble bath reach. What you do with these lovely accessories is left to the imagination, as you are alone together for 30 minutes of romance and bubbles.


Now sufficiently prepared for ultra-relaxation and unwinding, a side-by-side couples massage completes the experience. The expert therapists work silently (already having gone over the preferred style with you before the bath and the strawberries), only checking in to make sure you are nothing short of blissful.  And with your love within arms reach and your entire being completely relaxed, “blissful” is not even half of how good you feel.


– Ava Fedorov

Trump SoHo® New York
246 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013 US

Hotel: 212.842.5500
Reservations: 1.877.828.7080