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Though they were already over a week ago, the delightful buzz of the 2013 Gotham Awards still lingers. Held at Cipriani Wall Street, the former site of the NY Stock Exchange, the breathtaking, cathedral-like space could barely contain the building excitement on this particular Monday night.

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Like a fine cocktail, the intoxicating effects of the affair were the perfect mix of heady anticipation of the night’s ceremonies, the vibrant proximity of celebrity, and the copious amounts of Moscow Mules that nearly everyone in attendance sipped from the festive and cool copper mugs branded with the Russian Standard Vodka logo (one of the event’s high profile sponsors).

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As a guest of this highly esteemed sponsor, I had the unimaginable privilege of being seated at the Russian Standard table, which was located on some ultra prime real estate, complete with expansive stage views and neighbors like Steve Buscemi, Ethan Hawk, Mayor Bloomberg and Jared Leto.

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Feast your eyes below at the fun that was had, both during the awards dinner as well as at the debaucherous afterpary at The Andaz Wall Street. Needless to say, the vodka cocktails never stopped pouring, the cameras never stopped flashing, and though Award winners that night took home elegant trophies and esteemed titles, we were all winners when it comes to unforgettable experiences.

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– Ava Fedorov

Photos courtesy of Sunny Norton