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Lumeria, Maui, is a dream within a dream.

Maui: Lush, jagged, impossibly green mountains slice down into the tropical pacific waters, where whales, dolphins, rare seals and countless other marine life flourish. Jungles, abundant with wild mangoes, papayas and passion fruit give way to flowering valleys and sandy beaches of every hue. This is the dream. And tucked inside it, you will find Lumeria—a dreamy haven all its own.

Officially a retreat, the Lumeria is every bit a luxury, boutique hotel, re-imagined by the bohemian, artistic and eco-friendly personality of Maui’s North Shore. Here, surrounded by a thoughtfully luxurious, stunningly designed sanctuary, guests are able to holistically escape and thoroughly decompress from the stress of modern life.

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That Lumeria immediately embraces each guest with a warm serenity and graceful sincerity is a result of its visionary creator and designer Xorin Balbes. Inspired by the historic grace of the original building, that had been left to ruin, Xorin took great care in rebuilding the structure, keeping its history quite alive, while outfitting it with a modern sophistication that ensures guests have every amenity they could ask for. The result is a blissfully gorgeous mix of Bali meets Hawaii meets California. The deep meditation of its design is immediately apparent in very detail of each natural space, each room, each corridor that makes up Lumeria.

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Yet, even more than the physical space itself, it is the experience that Lumeria is able to conjure for each guest that truly sets it apart. First and foremost, the incredible yoga and meditation classes that can be seamlessly incorporated into one’s daily ritual, offer great variety—enough to satisfy the ardently practiced yogi and beginner alike.

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To raise the heart rate a notch higher, and to deepen one’s local perspective, friendly staff can easily arrange for any kind of excursion to round out the Maui immersion. From surfing and stand up paddle boarding, to Hawaiian cultural classes, there is absolutely no possibility of boredom.

And, when your body has been stretched and challenged enough, be sure to book a traditional Lomi Lomi massage—there is absolutely nothing like it, and the exceptionally skilled therapists on staff at Lumeria will treat you to the best. Deep, circular strokes from expert hands quell your weary muscles and let you float far away from all cares, physical, mental and otherwise.

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Thus indulged in body and spirit, the craving for sumptuous, yet healthy indulgence on a plate will be fulfilling beyond compare. The perfectly balanced meals prepared by acclaimed chef, Indica Chaves, draw on the abundance of local produce and satisfy hearty appetites while preserving the beautiful integrity of elegant, top-notch cuisine. The small restaurant is certainly worthy of a visit any time one happens to be in the vicinity of Maui’s North Shore, but it is unfathomably better when also a guest. For it is as a guests that you’ve been able to wrap yourself in the joyful tranquility of this unique retreat and, after such a delicious meal, can slip away to your beautifully designed quarters to fall asleep and dream of your next day at Lumeria.

– Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative

Lumeria Maui
1813 Baldwin Ave
Paia/Makawao – Maui, HI, 96768, USA