Haven Ski Chalet (20)  Haven Ski Chalet (2)

It takes extreme temptations to persuade New Yorkers to travel from the coziness and warmth of their tiny apartments on unforgiving cold winter nights.

However, on a bone-chillingly cold Thursday evening, over 200 residents flocked to Haven Rooftop at the Sanctuary Hotel seeking refuge in forms of comforting hors d’oeuvres, strong cocktails, and delectable desserts, all enjoyed within the complementary setting of the hotel’s rooftop ski chalet.

  Haven Ski Chalet (14)  Haven Ski Chalet (7)

Haven Ski Chalet (17)  Haven Ski Chalet (13)

Guests gathered in the newly unveiled lounge, featuring custom-built private chalets aptly named after popular ski destinations. Nestled atop fur throws, party-goers indulged in tuna tartar, bruschetta, and chocolate fondue; they even roasted marshmallows for homemade s’mores while the international soundtrack from DJ Olivier Meiji of Villa Romana in St. Tropez inspired spontaneous dance sessions tableside.

Haven Ski Chalet (11)  Haven Ski Chalet (6)

Offering the event’s custom Spiced Appletini, Haven servers dressed the part of ski-lodge waitresses in “Sweet Sets” from Snow Sugar Shop. As the party progressed and guests became more adventurous, the Haven’s renowned “shot-ski” emerged.

Haven Ski Chalet (5)  Haven Ski Chalet (3)

As snow cascaded around the heated tent, many were transfixed by the luck delivered straight from the weather go, oblivious to the fact it was simply another added feature of the perfectly choreographed event.

– Elizabeth Demcsak

Photos by Sunny Norton