Perfect SNAQUE Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch parfaits

Hunkering down in the cold; piles of sad Christmas Trees on the curb; the last bits of holiday chocolate reminding you why your pants feel a tad too tight: at long last the holidays are completely over—and now it’s time to completely get over them.

My favorite way: snacking (healthfully of course)!

After binging on too many sugar-laden treats to keep track of, our bodies and our appetites need to be soothed back into healthier routines. Thus, what could be easier and more fun than turning to healthy snacks that actually reverse the ill effects of a few weeks of indulgence?

My top 2014 picks are not only crave-inducing delicious, they are also Organic, fantastic sources of powerful, superfood vitamins and minerals, high in fat absorbing fiber, and, above all, ultra satisfying.


 Brad’s Raw Foods


Pioneering king of the Kale Chip, Brad’s Raw Foods put healthy food on the radar (and on the table) for many conscious snackers. While the Kale Chips truly are addictively good, Brad’s proves to diversify the cupboard with awesome chips of all varieties. My personal favorite: sweet potato, which have a wonderful combo of earthy sweetness and savory saltiness that kick all of my taste buds into multilayered heaven.


For those of us who might want to delve deeper, beyond mere snacking, Brad’s Raw Made Easy is a brand new book by the company’s founder. As a complete guide to living an 80/20 lifestyle, the book demonstrates how accessible a healthy lifestyle can be. Brad’s Raw Made Easy includes 150 easy to make recipes, a food journal, and the story of Brad’s inspirational journey.

Brad’s Raw Food products can be found nation-wide at most grocery stores.

Wonderfully Raw 

vanilla_mini_1024x1024Ok, so maybe we’re up to our eyes in kale chips and, though we love the healthy benefits, we need a little variety to keep our mouths watering. Enter Wonderfully Raw, creators of insanely tasty Snip Chips and Brussle Bytes and Coco-Roons. I honestly couldn’t get enough of all three, but it was the bag of parsnip-based, Snip Chips, that I emptied in record time. Under utilized and under appreciated, Parsnips are high in vitamin C, E & K, high in fiber, omega3 and potassium. All of these nutrients are essential to keeping the body performing at its peak. Coconut, the other main ingredient, has proven to raise the metabolism, therefore increasing the body’s ability to burn fat (goodbye tight cookie pants!)

chiplote1_largePlus, the combination of organic parsnips, organic coconut and their self-proclaimed “tasty coating of goodness,” make for such an unusual, delicious flavor, that I literally couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag. I felt no guilt.

Wonderfully Raw’s Coco-Roons, Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips can be found at most health food and natural food stores.

Nativas Naturals – The Superfood Company


It’s hard not to fall in love with Nativas Naturals. The high integrity of  their products and of their company makes for a feel good snacking experience in body and soul. Family owned, committed to sustainable and socially responsible business practices, the mission of Nativas Naturals is to provide the finest, non-GMO, organic superfoods that increase energy and enhance health.  Perusing their website’s mind-blowing array of products, from dried super fruits from jungles in Thailand, to mineral-rich, plant-based sweeteners from the Andes Mountains, you’ll find that each and every product has a story and a purpose behind it (and even recipes for using it).


I absolutely adore nearly every one of their products, but what’s recently knocked my socks off is their Camu Powder. One of the world’s most abundant sources of vitamin C (as much as 60 times more C per serving than an orange), camu is an antioxidant-rich berry from the Amazon. It is also a plentiful source of potassium, calcium, protein, beta-carotene, amino acids and powerful, cancer-fighting phytochemicals. What really won me over was the silky, indulgent richness that it added to my smoothies, giving them a glorious red color, a nuanced tartness and an almost chocolaty depth. According to the Nativas Naturals site, Camu purists enjoy a simple “punch” by stirring a spoonful of the easily dissolvable powder into a glass of water and adding a touch of natural sweetener (such as coconut palm sugar, or Lucuma powder).


Nativas Naturals products can be found at most health food and natural food stores, but their complete product line can be purchase on their website.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Company


As a vegetarian, who recently had to go gluten-free, I was pretty devastated about giving up one of my favorite go-to vegan snacks, seitan jerky. All the more reason to rejoice upon discovering the Louisville Vegan Jerky Company, creators of gluten-free, soy-based, vegan jerky with real, deal, slap-you-in-the-face flavor.


Tasting incredibly decadent, no matter which of their three flavors you choose, Siracha Maple Jerky Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper, or Bourbon Smoked Spicy Chipotle, it’s hard to believe they’re actually pretty darn good for you.

I discovered them at the Venice Beach House of Jerky in California, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of places to find these mouth watering treats in NYC – as far as we know, only Westerly Natural Market on 8th Avenue, carries them so far.

Perfect SNAQUE


They might sound weird at first – sweet trail mixes, snack blends and yogurt toppers made with sprouted lentils – but good grief are they so good (and another one that I just couldn’t stop munching). What I absolutely adore about the Perfect SNAQUE is how it combines superfoods like sprouted lentils, quinoa, and coconut, and combines them in a way that is not only ingenious in taste and flavor, but also shockingly satisfying for hours on end. After a few afternoon handfuls of their Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch, I was thrilled to note that I wasn’t my usual gnaw my arm off starved for dinner at 8pm.

Low in calories, high in nutrition, they’ve added in little decadent bits like chocolate covered apples (their Skinny Trail Mix), letting me feel just the right amount of indulged without sacrificing the wholesomeness of my satisfaction. Plus, they’ve designed these cool, little SNAQUE PACKS—little transportable and refillable tubes that make the delicious dry snacks even more supportive of an on the go lifestyle.

You can find Perfect SNAQUE varieties at many health-oriented stores across the country, or in their online shop.

Cheers to well-fed well-being!

– Ava Fedorov