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“There are no words to describe this deliciousness.”
I quote myself, as I promised I would to the gregarious manager of Greenhouse at Wild, who was delighted by my reaction to each plate that came to our table. I am one to keep my promises, especially when it is in kind, and Wild certainly lives up to its promise of delightful, sumptuous food that comes to us on the cutting edge of what I can only call mindful cuisine.

Mindful because it encompasses a healthy focus on gluten-free and plant-based diets, as well as sourcing its seasonally-driven ingredients with thoughtful certitude from organic, local farms (which those so inclined can read about on the Wild website). The results of this mindful approach is a richly flavored, comfortingly rustic, and deeply satisfying menu.

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This Williamsburg, Brooklyn spot is the third outpost of the Wild concept (the original is in the West Village and another in Las Vegas), but it seems so natural to a neighborhood that embraces the homemade urban farm and industrial vintage aesthetic with such enthusiasm.  A testament to this: though the restaurant is currently only in soft opening stages, happy patrons seem to keep the place buzzing every single night.

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We can’t wait to see what’s in store when Wild fully opens next week, releasing a more comprehensive menu adding onto their current array of handmade pastas, rustic pizzas, and plates like a simple but rich bowl of mussels smothered in a wonderful, brightly flavored tomato sauce. We couldn’t help but glut ourselves on the simple elegance of asparagus parmesan or a perfectly succulent filet of grilled salmon, dressed merely with tangy capers and fragrant sage leaves and presented next to a glorious cloud of truffle-scented, whipped potatoes.

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Poking our noses into the enclosed back garden, our total enchantment with Wild was complete. Whimsical grace permeates the atmosphere, with details like dried herbs and vintage picture frames hanging suspended in mid air. Simultaneously dreamy and eclectic, delicious and healthy, there is a warm welcome to every aspect of Wild, making it the kind of place you want to become a regular.

Lucky, lucky Williamsburg.

– Ava Fedorov

Greenhouse at Wild
340 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Monday – Tueday: 11a – 10p
Wednesday – Sunday: 11a – 11p

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative

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