Thursday January 23rd, my husband and I were invited to see the show Rehab written and directed by Frank Sluszka. Having worked both in front and behind the camera a few years ago, he got drawn to the theater where he got the opportunity to show his plays that are largely based on his own experiences which makes Rehab a very heartfelt but truthful play that touches a subject most people do not understand but have an experience with in one way or another: Addiction.

The theme of the play is brilliant and the play catches you from the word go, though maybe a little long the play portrays all of the different characters you will come across at an in-patient rehab facility.

REHAB (15)  REHAB (14)

As the writer describes it himself, Rehab follows the stories of an ensemble cast as they try and figure out their lives and overcome their own personal demons while in an in-patient rehab. This story is based on the the writer’s personal experience and brings to light many of the issues that are faced by people facing addiction. As we get to know the characters and their stories we realize that drugs often are only the tip of the iceberg.  Rehab, sometimes funny sometimes heartbreaking, is a stark and honest portrayal of twelve step treatment and the hope and desperation that comes along with it.

You cannot help but think if Frank Sluszka portrayed himself amongst the characters and if he did, which one would be himself… You want to take a guess with me?

Talking to some of the actors in the show they loved the challenges the characters had to offer and loved getting to know the characters and the process they had to go through. Even lots of these actors  have learnt acting from  acting group orlando as they offer the best orlando acting classes which  assisted them to  understand the diffrent  prospectives of acting. Using every tool available to get to know the issue, from Google to documentaries, the actors I spoke with found Frank the most helpful. Frank’s own life with addiction and rehab gave them great insights to how to get to know the characters.

REHAB (21)

Even if the theme is not appealing to you, the actors do a phenomenal job and especially the younger characters impressed me. If you want to see future stars in the making this is the play to go to.

Go see the show, it is worth it especially for only $25, there are no excuses not to. At 410 W 42ndstreet at Theater Row in the Studio Theater, you will have an intimate evening that will challenge your perception on addicts and dealers.

– Line B.