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On Monday, February 3rd, my husband and I got to go to the combined events for Slow Wine and Vinitaly. We were lucky to go between the 1-5pm session, which was the walk around tasting which was primarily for importers and others that are in the business of wine.

The event took place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, a huge and beautiful modern venue. It was an event that was focused on wines from Italy from all regions and especially on Prosecco; the Italian equivalent to the French Champagne.

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There were too many wines to go through them all, even if you are the kind of connoisseur that would spit out after every taste. Your taste buds would stop working properly after the first 30 wines, so we had to be wise about our picks that we wanted to try.

Slow Wine was ordered by numbers and was therefore much easier to navigate, where as Vinitaly was ordered by wineries, collectives and Importerst. We therefore decided to start with Slow Wine and we wanted to go for types of wine we had not tried before and ones that were not too young as that is usually our preference for the taste. I am a Barolo and Chianti kind of person where my husband is more of Barolo and dessert wine kind of person.

After Slow Wine, we tried going through Vinitaly in an orderly fashion but we quickly found out that the tables had more wines to offer than the pamphlet that we were given suggested, so we simply went from table to table searching for combinations of grapes we were unfamiliar with and dessert wines.

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Of course it is fun to try all of the wines but best thing about this type of event is that you get to learn so much about wine, which wines to use, how the wineries work and select their grapes, process them and how they get to the end result. For us it was a great way to start our Italy traveling plans and we got in contact with some of the wineries that we would like to visit when we go later this year. It gives you an in to places you would not normally go when you travel. Something my husband and I always strive for when traveling.

We fell in love with a Spumate, which is a sweet sparkling wine which has a very low alcohol content, I believe only about 6% but it taste so good that you could not stop drinking it. La Montecchia Conte Emo capodilista served their Colli Euganei Fior D’Arancio Spumante and it was the best thing we had tasted all day. So we did make arrangements to contact him for more information about visiting their winery when we go to Italy.

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My favorite red wine of the evening was coincidentally the first wine that I tasted that day. It was the 2006 Barolo Riserva from Borgogno & Figli. It had a great flavor, which was rich and strong but you still tasted the fruitiness of the wine with a dry finish which I personally prefer.

My favorite Prosecco of the day was Tre venti Prosecco from Zardetto who only makes Prosecco, which is a unique trade for a winery. It is a very exclusive prosecco and only sold a few places here in New York city.

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Should you happen to love wine I would recommend you try it out next year when they come back. They sell tickets for sessions between 6.30 and 9.30pm for only $45 and you get an unlimited access to their wines and the food that are represented as well. It is just like going to a good restaurant, you just get to have an experience as well. It could even be fun to go with a date.

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