WATER ON THE MOON: For his Fall 2014 show Judson Harmon, model, store owner and designer behind the namesake ØDD. men’s and women’s collections is using the metaphor of “water on the moon” as an illustration of the prevalent dilemma between natural and manmade, past and future, masculine and feminine, smooth and rugged.

With the help of audio visual artist duo, sound artist Adriano Clemente and Videographer Jason Akira Somma who is in residency at the Park Avenue Armory this year this first show of the ØDD. men’s and women’s collection is going to be a tribute to visual art, sound and technology, creating a participatory environment in which the collection will be a “mise en abyme” of the relationship between masculine and feminine, rugged and smooth, formal and casual, proceeding through the evolutionary stages of the lunar cycle. In this collection the phases of the moon reflect the stages in one’s life from rebellion (the rough surface of the moon) and fluid ( water on the moon) both casual elements, to tailored, refined, and definite. 


This is represented through a mixture of structured and flowing silhouettes, moldable fabrics, and textiles that have both a soft and more textured hand, featuring a combination of synthetic, manmade fabrics as well as natural textiles, cashmeres, wools and dense cottons. The casual element will also be prevalent in the sporty silhouette which is the reflection of an active lifestyle that calls for clothes that can transition easily from day to night, and that give room for self expression, through elements of personal style. The masculine and feminine opposites melt into a collection in which both elements subsist in a neutral way. For example dropped shoulder seams can easily transform an originally designed men’s jacket into a softer, casual yet fitted women’s blazer. The idea of genderlessness will be embodied through famed Elliott Sailors who will open and close the show, appearing dressed in men’s wear as well as women’s wear.


A participatory environment, the space will be equipped with a new sound mapping technology:  sensors being worn by models will control musical tones as they walk about the space. The sound then also reflects and combines the opposite aspects, of the image of water on the moon: the movement of the models will be modulating the pre-existing smooth sound scape, expressing yet again the playing field of yin and yang, corner stone of this collection.

Judson Harmon moved to New York City from San Diego, California in 2010.  After his studies of music and dance, and his discovery of fashion as a more suitable means of self expression, ØDD. was born from the idea of taking theatricality and dance to create a welcoming and experimental retail environment.  ØDD. was launched on Harmon’s 20th birthday in January 2012, and the physical store location opened in October of the same year and served to debut the first namesake collection.  Now, five seasons in, Harmon continues to design men’s and women’s wear from a genderless perspective and shows every season at New York Fashion Week.


Adriano Clemente has worked with MGMT and RCA Records but is best known for his unique approach and pioneering of interactive sound installations with the Kin-Hact Project in which a body’s movement orchestrates the composition.  His work has been featured in Rolling Stones Magazine, and in numerous publications in Europe.  Clemente is a frequent consultant on new musical technology including such prestigious companies as Korg, Ableton Live, Dubspot, Walt Disney Imagineers, and Google.

Jason Akira Somma is a visual art anomaly who has done some pretty revolutionary things in the space of performance and technology.” (The Creators Project -Intel, Vice).  

Known for his unique hybrid of numerous aesthetics which he calls “Past-Modernism” Somma’s work has been featured in the Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, New Museum, Center of Contemporary Art (Glasgow), Chaillot National Theater of Paris, and Lyon Opera Ballet,.  Theories on Somma’s work have been presented at Yale, Princeton University, and MIT.  He has consulted projects for Marina Abramovic, Walt Disney’s Imagineers, Robert Wilson, and the Glasgow University of Neuroscience.  Somma was a recipient of the Rolex Arts Initiative Award in 2008.

Together Adriano and Jason premiered the very first  free-floating-interactive holograph gallery show at the Location 1 Gallery in SoHo which received international accolades. They continue to explore and engineer new technology that merges audio and video “that defies categorization” (Rolex).

– Christine Shepherd

Images from Zimbio.com