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This was a show where you needed to read the introduction paper before watching it, it made so much more sense when I understood what was going on and what the theme was and after getting it I enjoyed Ricardo Seco’s Fall 2014 Collection on February 10th.

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The show started with President John F. Kennedy giving one of his famous speeches and the show ended perfectly with Simon & Garfunkel’s song “Sound of Silence”, which was inspired by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was a show from the beginning to the end and it gave you food for thought not only from the music but also from the clothing.

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Richardo Seco had used Jackie Kennedy’s style to show the inspiration that he was drawing from the 60s; Not only with her favorite pastel colors like baby blue, lilac and pink and the now timeless A-line but her face and silhouette was literally used on scarves and shirts that the guys wore.

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It was an interesting collecting that made something so feminine, like pastel colors and A-lines not only for women but also for guys. I can clearly see the young men in college or in their twenties wear this collection. I was not crazy about the shoes in the context of the show but we all have different tastes and styles that maybe that is just one that was lost on me and only me. Richardo Seco’s FW14 collection is for men that are comfortable in their skin and knows good fashion when they see it.

 – Line

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Photos by Rachel Kaplan