Showcasing at the Pavilion (formerly known as the Box) inside Lincoln Center,  I checked in and proceeded to take my front row seat.   The box was known for presentations, now thanks to the recent changes at the venue, the newly name Pavilion showcased runaway shows. Due to the space, the runway was transformed to a maze. It was cool and interesting to see the clothes coming from many angles.

For her 25th year anniversary designer Demi Park has been inspired by an almost alchemical approach, going back to the very first questioning of  which design is to her personally. The house was founded under the  name De’Moo literally meaning “from zero,” or “out of nothing”. Demi understands ‘Moo’ (nothingness) as unlimited boundaries and beauty, which has come in different shapes and forms now every season for 25 years.


Indeed, every collection has been a direct in-depth examination of the possibilities of design, form and practicality. F/W14 will be a season of re-interpreting her old collections and studies, “going back to the roots”. This collection is speaking of contrasts that combined, neutralize each other: plus and minus equals zero, and out of that nothingness every piece claims its presence.


In keeping with this formula, the designer has been using different iconic fabrics, and shapes out of the Parkchoonmoo DNA to be reassembled in an almost cubistic way: fabrics include alpaca,  lamb leather, beaver, cashmere fused felts, and organic cottons, in the colors that have been most dear to Demi’s heart:  in addition to the ever-predominant navy, black, and white there is a strong presence of camel, hints of carmine red, and a black and big white houndstooth as well as metallic  gold printed  on wool reminiscing her fall 2011 season.

The emerging look is then a result of past seasons key pieces including a range of outwear, long coats, puffy jackets, as well as dresses and jersey turtlenecks being updated and translated into Parkchoonmoo’s cool   modern yet chic look that the designer has been carving out over the past 25 years.

It goes without saying that it is so refreshing to see authentic autumn and winter clothing.  Clothing I can honestly see myself wearing during the cold days.

My favorites looks from this collection:

Parkchoonmoo+Fall+2014+_k9RpaMW-U7l  Parkchoonmoo+Fall+2014+VuLuz5Kuwbxl

– Christine Shepherd

Images via and by Christine Shepherd