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Seemingly innocent, tucked down South 4th Street on a subtler stretch of Bedford Avenue, The Randolph will surprise you with heafty wallop of style and flavor that might see you falling a bit head over heels.

Their recipe for seduction is simple:

  1. Uniquely artful composition of cocktails and craft beers
  2. Small but exuberantly flavorful food menu
  3. Design that embraces its bohemian neighborhood while mixing in its own playfully elegant spin and a wink of rock and roll

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So enticing a combination, in fact, that Randolph lured us out despite the insanely frigid weather the other night. Lucky for us, this meant that we had the usually hopping new spot nearly all to ourselves, and we reveled in having the staff’s undivided attention, while the potent, complex cocktails and vibrant plates demanded ours.

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Far from novice (though new to the neighborhood), Randolph Brooklyn comes to us by impressive pedigree—the pioneering L.E.S. cocktail bar, Randolph at Broome, and elevated beerhaus, Randolph Beer, already ensure a bit of confident swagger to the step of their third endeavor—a Brookyn-born love child.

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If these sound like the words of a smitten admirer, they most certainly are, and here are the reasons why: corn off the cob, spicy curried mussles, shaved vegetable salad, veggie burger, pork belly. Randolph Chef, Davis Schaap (who heads up with kitchen along with his brother, David), prides himself on taking simple pub fare and elevating it to beautiful, abundantly flavorful cuisine that is locally and seasonally driven. Case in point is the house-made veggie burger: the complexity and composition would easily win over any meat eater. That said, the pork belly elicited oohs and ahhs unlike any this writer has previously encountered.

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Beyond the insanely good food, Randolph Brooklyn’s cocktails are reasons all their own to pay a visit to the establishment. The impressive bar program feeds off a wealth of house recipes—kept sacredly in a book that dates back to the very inception of the original Randolph. Between the age-old favorites and the latest concoctions dreamed up by Randolph mixologists, its impossible to go wrong. During this visit, we were particularly impressed with the sweet and spicy, Tequila-based Randolph Paloma and The Nigel Palmer, a wonderfully boozy and complex play on a manhattan with house infused early grey gin. Also worth mentioning: the desert worthy Black & White Russian.

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Equally impressive is the focused craft beer list that is hand picked by Eli Hariton, Randolph group partner and head of the Brooklyn bar program.

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Whatever it is that draws you in for the first time, there will be so many reasons to return to Randolph Brooklyn.

– Ava Fedorov

Randolph Brooklyn
104 South 4th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 599-0412

Photographs by Jeffery Owens for Socially Superlative

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