Crowd Shot

Last night, we were lucky to join Thrillist at their Martini Week kick-off party at Hudson Terrace.

Martini Week is an epic 18-day long celebration of martinis running from March 14th through the 31st, where you can enjoy amazing cocktails at these locations.

Gansevoort Park Rooftop  Thrillist's Martini Week (4)

Bartenders from these select bars stirred up cocktails to sample. After spending the entire night tasting all of the different cocktails (and then re-trying them again, just to be sure), we were able to cash in our Thrillist chip and vote for our favorite concoction.

My personal favorite cocktail of the night was the “New Raj” from The Stand, a refreshing mix of Bombay Sapphire gin with mint and cucumbers.

The Stand Comedy Club's New Raj  Grey Goose Pour

Grey Goose poured freely the entire night. The Gansevoort Park Rooftop and Asellina both used the Goose in their “Darlene Bubbles” and “Speranza” cocktails with muddled strawberries. STK Downtown used Grey Goose Cherry Noir in their “Rediscovered Cherry Cosmo,” where as Decoy Bar (below RedFarm) and Manhattan Proper used Grey Goose La Poire in the smooth, fresh cocktails.

Asellina's Speranza  Casey from Decoy Bar Pours

One of the most interesting cocktails of the night came from former Thrillist Editor Nicholas Bennett and his “Thrillist Man Martini.” In case you’re curious how a martini could take on a masculine personification, it’s made with Grey Goose, apple wood smoked bacon-infused vermouth, and cinnamon foam.

 Nick Pours the Thrillist Man Martini  Thrillist Man Martini

David Burke Bloomingdale’s was crowned the winner of the night with their “Not Your Mother’s Cosmo,” a delicious blend of Grey Goose, cranberry grape juice, lime, simple syrup, and a bacon fig garnish. They also had a cake pop tree, definitely a crowd pleaser. Congrats to the David Burke Bloomingdale’s team!

David Burke Bloomingdale's Not Your Mother's Cosmo  David Burke Goodies

David Burke's Winning Martini Team

Be sure to check out Thrillist’s Martini Map and build your own itinerary for #MartiniWeekNY!



Photos by Kimberly Mufferi