Jeff Zucker, John McEnroe, Karen D. Cohen, Jorge Casimiro, Chris Cuomo

On Tuesday, March 11th, 2014, Fielding Dreams NYC threw a benefit gala for Randall’s Island Park Alliance, a public-private partnership dedicated to the enhancement of Randall’s Island programming and facilities for all New Yorkers.

Chris Cuomo, Karen Cohen, Jorge Casimiro, Jeff ZuckerJohn McEnroe

Museum of Natural History-mosphere, Fielding Dreams-mosphere

The evening featured a high-profile crowd including former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Hall of Famer John McEnroe, CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo, Jorge Casimiro, Nike, Inc.’s VP and Chief Operating Officer for Global Community Impact; 2013 RIPA Honoree and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Alliance Founder Karen D. Cohen, Michael and Melissa Boxer, Richard and Christine Mack, Mark and Jane Greene, Jeff and Caryn Zucker, Tim and Katryn Barefield, Jerome and Mary Goldman, Daniel and Nancy Neff, Richard and Pamela Gross, Richard J. Davis, Rodney and Caryn Cohen, Justin H. Green, Justin and Kerri Hamill, Leslie and Curt Myers, Bradford and Kate Peck, Christian and Bimla Picot, Dean and Mara Landis, Stephen and Jennifer Rich, Patricia W. Shifke,  Andrea K. Feirstein, Sunil Gulati, Jay and Jennifer Mantz and Stacey Bash-Polley.

Dean Landis, Mara Landis, Victor Cruz, Elaina Watley Tom Monroe, Kira Kazantsev

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