Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (14)  Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (5)

Earlier this month, Tasting Table and HiFi wireless speaker and audio company, Sonos, hosted a luncheon for media, to showcase how Sonos speakers transform a space, or in this case event, seamlessly with music. The space was decorated perfectly to evoke a stylish apartment, sprinkled with music memorabilia and completed with music floating through the rooms at the perfect volume.

 Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (4)  Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (12)

On the first floor of the party, Tasting Table’s Chef de Cuisine, David Kirschner, made a scrumptious spread, which he said was inspired by the winter and Sonos. The meal began with a refreshing market green salad, with treviso, cheddar, apple, and buttermilk vinaigrette. Creamy celery root soup, with crostini, herb creme fraiche, topped with caviar was a fulfilling tasty dish. The main event was a heritage chicken, cooked and crisped perfectly, with roasted peal onions, oyster mushrooms and oregano oil.

The dessert was curated by Kirschner from Danny Macaroons and Crown Brownies and we couldn’t have just one of either!  The salted caramel macaroons and butterscotch blondies were the perfect ending note to the flavorful meal.

Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (9)  Tasting Table and Sonos Luncheon (8)

Upstairs, guests were treated to manicures, and for those who dared, there were short yoga classes being instructed. This event was a great relaxing sanctuary, a welcome getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of the city workday. We’d gladly accept an offer to unwind here any day.

– Stephanie Carino