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Last night I got to check out the premiere of Bachelor Weekend during the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea.

The story follows groom-to-be Fionan (Hugh O’Conor), best man Davin (Andrew Scott), and friends as they embark on a wilderness camping stag weekend before the big day. Hijinks ensue when Fionan’s brother-in-law-to-be, “The Machine” (Peter McDonald, also co-scriptwriter), shows up to cause trouble that is comparable to the Irish version of American Pie’s Stiffler. Complete with nonstop laughs courtesy of “The Machine’s” crude dialogue, a lot of nudity, and great acting, the movie as a whole ends up being an endearing coming of age story. The movie explores what happens when people stop reacting on the surface and face issues that are plaguing them.

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After the movie, Heineken treated moviegoers to the Heineken Green Room Sessions, a Q&A session with Director and Co-Screenwriter John Butler, McDonald and O’Conor at the Storehouse, which they outfitted with Heineken green lighting, a Bachelor Weekend-inspired photo booth, and all the Heinekens you could consume.

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When Butler and McDonald were questioned about how they came up with the plot, they explained how they have known each other for a very long time and talked about what a horrible stag night would be like and brought it to life. In terms of their costumes, or lack thereof, McDonald noted it was a good thing the movie was shot in 20 days and no one really had time to get to the gym. It made the movie more authentic that no one looked like a gym rat. As far as O’Conor’s eccentric character, the actor said the writing duo hinted at the fact that they were up to something and he probably wouldn’t like it!

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If you end up seeing the movie, McDonald is in fact a U2 fan and his reason? And I quote, “because they’re fucking U2!” Getting the back story on the movie after the screening made the experience that much more enjoyable and reinforced the incredible value of the TFF.

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If this brief review has sold you, which I hope it has, the movie still has some viewing times left for the TFF, can be viewed now on iTunes and VOD and will have a limited theatrical release beginning May 2nd.

– Stephanie Carino

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