Lazar and Premiere Poster

I saw something which happened in the whole world and throughout all of human history for the first time: the premiere of a fifteen second film! Dennis Lazar (who blogs at answered Heineken’s call for movie pitches on Twitter – and he won! His film was made and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. I mean, what are the odds against entering such a contest and winning?

Lazar, who has never been to a film festival, was ecstatic. He bounded up to the stage, took the microphone in hand and gushed, “I just met Robert freaking De Niro! This is the coolest thing that I have ever done! This is the coolest night ever!” Lazar, a quintessential nice young guy, is “real people” finding success. The audience was in the palm of his hand. He received a standing ovation.

Dinero and Lazar Dinero and Lazar2

So the film, based on a true tweet, is called LINCLONE. The premise: contemporary scientists clone Lincoln and the clone is evil. As Lazar explains, “Spielberg took his shot. He missed a little.” Okay, the credits are longer than the film but the fifteen second scenario is hysterical. Linclone, with bulging red eyes, sits in a science-sodden setting and insists that he wants a buggy. He is more ANIMAL HOUSE than villain. The full house watching the premiere thought that it was awesome.

QA_Lazar and Zone Fisher Berman

I entered the Tribeca Grand Hotel’s theater foyer and closely encountered oodles of popcorn, peanuts, M&Ms, gummi bears, Snickers and Twix. The brightly colored candies looked so festive. I felt like a kid in a candy store and all the candy was free! I counted out five M&Ms and ingested them with the promise that I would limit my portion. Full disclosure: I broke my promise. But at least I only had one helping of the delicious open pasta bar which followed the premiere.

I was really excited to have the opportunity to interview Lazar. When I asked him why he choose a science fiction premise he said, “Science fiction is a cool way to take what’s real and go places you can’t experience. Science fiction enables you to use your imagination.” I also wanted to know why Lazar choose to portray Lincoln as an evil character. His answer: “It is an entertaining way to spend fifteen seconds. It is fun to play against type. Cloning Lincoln is a crazy scenario which has never been done. I am spoofing Hollywood and critiquing science.”

Berman and Sanderson

Andy Warhol said that everyone experiences fifteen minutes of fame. I hope that Lazar’s fifteen second film results in his receiving much more fame than the mundane fifteen minute across the board allotment. I hope that LINCLONE becomes a full length film. Toward that end, I have one thing to say to Lazar who told me that he is my fellow University of Michigan alumni: GO BLUE!

– Marleen Barr

@awsommovieideas “They clone Abe Lincoln’s DNA and name the clone president for life…except there’s one problem: the clone is evil.”

See the #15SecondPremiere here and hilarious delete scenes here!

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