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Summer of Blood made its debut at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival with writer, director, producer, and actor Onur Tukel and cast on hand to do a Q&A after the film.

The horror flick with a sense of humor follows Tukel’s character, Eric Sparrow, as he messes up his relationship with his longtime girlfriend (played by Anna Margaret Hollyman), gets turned into a vampire, and his coming to terms with that and dating again. New Yorkers definitely can relate to the film’s Bushwick, Brooklyn location, and current societal norms, like online dating, that were present in the film.

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Heineken took over the Storehouse again for the afterparty, donning red lighting this time to mirror the sentiments of the movie. Even the Heineken girls switched out their green plaid shirts for red dresses. Tukel joined Hollyman and other cast members Dakota Goldhor, Juliette Fairley, Jason Selvig and producer and actress, Melodie Sisk to answer questions about the film.

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During the Q&A, Tukel informed the crowd that the cast really didn’t have time to rehearse, since the movie was filmed within nine days with two cameras. Some of the cast and crew had to pull all night shooting sessions to get the movie done. Despite the lack of rehearsal, the cast was able to stick to the script. Also, although this is said to be a vampire movie, the word, “vampire,” is never used.

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When Tukel was asked where the inspiration for the movie came from, he said that committing was something he was dealing with and thus was an ongoing theme in the movie. From his responses, Sisk commented if there was ever any doubt that the character was based on Tukel in real life, the Q&A squashed that.

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– Stephanie Carino

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