Olevolos Brunch 2014 (4)

In May, Brian Greenberg hosted the 3rd Annual Olevolos Project Brunch to benefit orphans and kids with disadvantages in the Olevolos village of Tanzania. Greenberg got involved in the project after visiting Tanzania himself and joined forces with his cousin, Dory Gannes.

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The event took place atop the McKittrick Hotel at Gallow Green and was presented by sponsor, Microsoft. Guests sipped on cocktails like named, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar. The menu consisted of sliced salmon, cold fried chicken with black pepper honey, NY state bacon, ramp and goat cheese frittatas, kale salad with anchovy dressing and pecorino, and a delectable apple cobbler.

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Guests were decked out in lace maxis and their Sunday best since the Kentucky Derby was also that day. Greenberg’s longtime friends, One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty, Eddie K Thomas of American Pie and How to Make it in America, fiancee Jamie Chung, and more were all on hand to help support Greenberg and this great cause. A lot of the attendees were also made up of Brian’s fans who wanted to support him in his efforts.

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The event not only had a silent auction (I most certainly won the bid for the signed How to Make it in America DVDs!), but a raffle to raise even more money for the charity. Brian, Dory and Director of the Olevolos Project, Oliver Kavishe, all said words of the progress that has been made because of the organization. Then DJs Mel DeBarge and Jus Ske took over the music as guests danced the rest of the afternoon away.

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For more information on the Olevolos Project, please visit, http://theolevolosproject.org/.

– Stephanie Carino