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Jacques 1534 is tucked into a trendy section of Prince Street in Soho, past the hustle and bustle of touristy Broadway.

The ambiance of the French-inspired restaurant really could transport you to any European city you can think of, especially with the front outdoor area that is always brimming with people. That and when they play soccer (football) on their projector on a Saturday morning. Socially Superlative were treated to some of the menu and these are some of the dishes we felt stood out.

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You can’t go wrong ordering the Crispy Artichokes for a starter. They’re only lightly fried and don’t feel too heavy at all. The mixture of warm artichokes in a crispy shell is not to be missed. We do recommend getting a separate salad dressing to dip them into since the Meyer Lemon Aioli is more of a spread consistency.

As far as salads go, you’re going to want to order the Black Kale Salad. It’s served with Caesar dressing, but what makes it stand out are the melted Parmesan Toasts that are served on the side. The cheese melts in the world and you try to ignore all the calories you’re probably consuming.

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Our favorite dish of the night that was also really unique was the Deconstructed Spicy Tuna Roll. The dish is layered out with fresh seaweed salad, wasabi, aged soy citrus and radish. This dish is the epitome of summer with fresh and light ingredients.

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We couldn’t end our meal without dessert and settled on the Apple Tart. The sweet was layers of soft apples and pastry crust that melded beautifully together. We suggest skipping the ice cream on top to not dilute the flavors of the tart.

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In addition to the above, Jacques 1534 has a wide array of additional menu items (we could only sample so much!), a full brunch menu with an unlimited cocktail option, and a happy hour at the bar Sunday-Thursday. We’ll be back to try to get a couple of those coveted outdoor seats under the awning.

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– Stephanie Carino

Jacques 1534
20 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012