Cape Breton Fourchu Lobster Celebration (2)

On Tuesday June 10th, I had the pleasure of attending the Cape Breton Fourchu Lobster Celebration at the International Culinary Center. I initially wanted to go because who can say no to lobster? But now I want to go to Cape Breton with its world class golf courses, whale watching and old Gaelic history. I am sold!

Besides getting intrigued by Cape Breton and falling in love with the Fourchu Lobster, I got the opportunity to meet chefs that are not only world class but also friendly and more than happy to share recipes and cooking tips.

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I got to meet chef Floyd Cardoz. Floyd Cardoz, a brilliant Indian chef, who, by GQ, was nominated to be one of the top 50 most influential Indians today. When he started Tabla 16 years ago, he was seen as one of the most innovative chefs in New York and he started the phenomenon bread bar. I love bread so I fell in love with this concept a long time ago.

He is now involved with three different restaurants North End Grill, Tabla and El Verano besides winning the humanitarian of year award in 2006. Chef Floyd Cardoz is also coming out with a new cook book soon called A Time to Cook with the most amazing recipe of a lobster salad with avocado and cherries.

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We were also in the presence of two amazing chefs from Cape Breton who prepared what they called the naked lobster, where we got to taste the lobster as it is when boiled with the most delicious butter that I have ever tasted with Lobster. YAY! for the European influences in Canada because they have learned how much better salted butter is compared to un-salted butter.

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If you are not a lobster fan or never have tasted lobster you need to at least try the Rolls Royce of lobster – the fourchu lobster. It was the tenderest and sweetest lobster I have ever tasted. The event also taught us about lobster quality, so now I know what to look for when I go searching for lobster when I dare to cook it at home.

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If you are still not a fan then Cape Breton I am sure would intrigue you. Have you always dreamed of going to Ireland or Scotland? All you have to do is go to Nova Scotia in Canada and you will experience the greenery of Ireland and the hills, valleys and lakes of Scotland. Like in Ireland you will read signs that are both in English and Gaelic and you will experience the same type of pubs with folk music and dances. It is like a time capsule from Scotland that has been kept alive by the locals in Cape Breton.

Besides from whale watching where we were told that there were at least a 95% chance of seeing whales, the world class golf courses Cape Breton has also been voted to be one of the most romantics places to visit and also one of the top 10 places you must see before you die with Space being one of them.

I am ready to pack a bag and go!

– Line