NYC Craft Beer Festival Summer (8)

On Saturday, June 21st, my husband and I attended the summer edition of NYC Craft Beer Festival. As always, there were hundreds of beers to choose from. And a guarantee, that there would be a beer, cider or wine that you can and would enjoy.

This time around I realized just how different the beers really are ever season; so if you are a beer connoisseur you need to try every season. Not only is it a place with great atmosphere and great beer but it is like a big party. People drinking, eating, dancing and talking. Everyone is happy!

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The prices range from $45-125, all depending on how much luxury you require, if you want to try the specialty beers in the Connoisseurs Lounge and how early you decide to purchase your ticket. For several hours of drinking, $45 is a great deal.

My favorite beers this time around came surprisingly from New Holland Brewing. The beers “The Poet” and “Mad Hatter” were strong in flavor but just light enough to make it a delicious summer beer. Surprisingly, there were very few pilsners but instead a lot of dubbel and triple beer. I prefer dubbel and triple as they pack a punch in flavor but are still light in texture so you get a great bold flavor for summer as well.

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I am lucky enough to get a chance to go to the Connoisseurs Lounge every season and most often they have beers that are out of this world. They offer food but do not attend the connoisseurs Lounge for the food go there for the awesome beer and the chance to relax in a smaller setting with great live background music. This time it was Jordan Tice who was giving the very pleasant background music.

The beers in the Connoisseurs Lounge that I believe deserves extra attention were the Trappist Achel Blond and the MOA St. Joseph’s. There were so many different beers with different flavors and alcohol content that you cannot attend the beer festival and not fall in love with at least one beer.

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NYC Craft Beer Festival is a beer adventure!

– Line