the_little_black_dressTired of your little black dress? Looking for something new to spice up your closet and your life? Here are just a few suggestions for finding a dress that will turn heads every time you walk out the door.

1. Dress for Your Shape

Different figures should shop for different dress types. For example, apple shapes are encouraged to elongate their torso in order to draw the eye down their body in a long, smooth line. Pear shapes will want to bring attention upwards, so they should consider wearing frills and details on their bodices.

2. Choose a Style

Why are you dressing to the nines? Political fundraisers don’t have the same dress code as a night out with the girls. If it’s important that your dress is of a certain length or cut, make sure you write down those measurements or at least keep it mind while trying things on in the fitting room.

3. Know Your Colors

Women with dark skin look great in bold, bright colors that bring out the richness of their complexions. Women with lighter skin, however, should go in the opposite direction, embracing pastels and other gentle hues that will add rosiness to their cheeks.

4. Coordinate Your Accessories

There’s no use in having a great pair of heels if your dress won’t match them! If you have something to show off, whether it’s a new shawl or a beautiful pendant, take it with you when you go dress shopping. You’ll be able to match it with potentials and use it as a deciding factor when you’re wavering between equally beautiful gowns.

5. Consider Upkeep

Is your dress dry clean only? Do you have a dry cleaner’s nearby? This is the kind of practical thinking you’ll need in order to find a dress that you can wear again and again. You should also consider fabric, threading and weather appropriateness.

Whether you’re looking for evening gowns or graduation dresses for high school, these are just a few tips for finding the right ensemble for any occasion. You’ve got the confidence; now you just need a killer look to match it!


-Guest Post-