A recent visit to PressTea left me somewhere between awe-struck and thoroughly charmed. Barely one year old, the petite, modern but welcoming, cafe on seventh avenue in the West Village, certainly has an “old soul” feel in its deep approach not only to selectively sourcing and brewing insanely delicious teas, but also to incorporating its thoughtful approach to tea-infused treats.


A genuine labor of love, owners and employees (and their devoted customers) share a passion for drawing out the best of their products–and the success with which they achieve this is remarkable. The bold richness their unique method of brewing tea yields is nothing short of a revelation.

The result of PressTea owners’ obsessive attention to detail, which spans the entire process, from sourcing the best quality, all natural products, to utilizing their specially designed, totally unique tea brewing machine (which looks like an espresso machine, and uses a similar steam technology), to the love of the craft and the design of the space. Add on the richly satisfying tea-infused baked goods, baked fresh every single morning, and it’s like you’ve wandered into a tea lover’s dream land.

PressTea17 PressTea19

Still, the full bodied, deeply flavorful tea that their methods make possible is unlike any sort of tea I have tried before. The satisfying richness easily rivals any coffee drink and the nuanced vibrant flavor profile, and absence of acid, actually prove to have a more sustainable resonance of caffeinated energy. Much healthier, too.

Of all the brewed varieties I was lucky enough to sample, the caramel rooibos latte and the iced green tea Mont Blanc Crème, with its addictive sweet, salty, creamy but light combination were the ones that guaranteed I wouldn’t be a stranger.

PressTea15 PressTea26

As though this weren’t enough to incite a passionate cult following (and it absolutely is), PressTea is also home to the “Ramenritto,” a totally unique take on Asian-Mexican fusion, and a satisfying meal and half if ever there was one. Though it might not seem the obvious addition to a place that specializes in refined and delicate flavors, somehow it all works so well that you forget to question it after your first bite.

PressTea09 PressTea30

Rumor has it that PressTea will soon be expanding their menu to include more savory treats, as well as a better cater to a wider array of dietary preferences (paleo, gluten-free and vegan were all mentioned).

There are about to be a lot more than just “two for tea.

– Ava

167 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY