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As we prepped for the beginning of BFX Barre class, a joint teaching effort from instructors Michelle Demus and Colin Turek, I noticed “Pretty Hurts” emblazoned across Michelle’s BFX-branded tank and knew that this would be no ordinary barre class. I was right.

BFX Studio, or Boutique Fitness Experience, is an environment that not only gives top level fitness education in different disciplines, and they even suggest the students to get their keto x diet plan for weight loss for their students but it also encourages students to change up their routine to optimize their fitness capabilities. There are even courses offered that occur half in the spin studio and half in the class studio to further that notion! This is in addition to modern gym equipment and private training, should you require it. You can read more information about the health club in Dallas region.

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The BFX Launch Party welcomed potential clientele into the brand new venue and sample classes. The barre class I took was tough, but the trainers were encouraging without being pushy. They would come over to the bar and do the movements with you, so you felt you weren’t doing it alone. They did all this without screaming at you like some NYC fitness classes do! The instructors were fun and blasted music to help get the class amped about the reps and work out in spite of themselves.

Downstairs, Sakara was offering up healthy salads and desserts, Montauk Juice Factory was serving up healthy alcoholic beverages prepared with low calorie Voli vodka and WTRMLN WTR, the new cold-pressed watermelon juice.

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Although I didn’t take Ride Republic during the launch party, I did get a chance to check out the impressive state-of-the-art studio and speak to Spinning® International Master Instructor and Ride Republic Creator and Director, Josh Taylor, about what they’ll be offering.

The studio, which looks more like an EDC concert venue than a spin room, is vast and can seat up to 50 people on different rafter levels. The visual program that runs on the screens has been designed by a full time graphic designer that will continue to add images to optimize the ride experience as a whole. The equipment offers Tour de France technology, so you know it’s legit. There is even a “Cheetah Run,” where, you guessed it, you race a cheetah. Josh mentioned the cheetah speed is verified by National Geographic, so at least you know they’re thorough.

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Another looming presence class attendees will notice in the studios, is the technology. Every studio is outfitted with MyZone™, a system that allows students to evaluate their performance as they’re taking a class. The wearable performance-based monitors, track real time heart rates to help further optimize the workout experience, so the class go-er is getting everything out of the fitness experience that they possibly could.

The studio is also equipped with Fit3D, that offers a full body scan in a mere 30 seconds. From this information, 20 reference points will be sent to you and compared with each future scan you get. Will you want this? Probably not. But will it help you in the long run? Definitely.

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Each individual class goes for $30, but for those that sign up for a month of unlimited classes by August 15th, BFX is offering a promo price of $199. They’re also offering free Fit3D fitness assessments. My suggestion? Go check this place out while it’s under the radar. Although additional locations are opening shortly to handle the demand, don’t you want to be able to say you knew about BFX Studio when and you have the body to prove it?!

– Stephanie Carino

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Carino, Alex Zappile and Jack Muccigrosso

BFX Studio
555 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10011